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AP – Maambakoort

We have had a full schedule this term in Maambakort studying migration in humanities and living things in science.  This co-operative study was consolidated with an excursion to the Western Australian Museum Boola Bardip.  Here students had freedom to explore all levels of the museum, with a special focus on the connections gallery which details migration in Western Australia and the wildlife gallery where biodiversity was key. The second half of the day saw the students choose between going back into the museum, going to the art gallery or walking across the bridge to DaDa records in the city.

‘I loved having the freedom to roam the city, I never really come here, I really enjoyed visiting the really old record store and seeing their collection of vinyl records and CD’s’.  (Cooper, Maarmong student)

‘The museum was better than I thought it would be, it was good how most of the displays focused on Western Australia’. (Kamryn, Manyin student)

Maambakoort students are excitedly anticipating the arrival of two very special guests in term 2.  We will be partnering with Dairy Australia for their ‘Cows for careers’ campaign, where we welcome two 2-week-old calves.  Students will take full responsibility for maintaining their enclosure, milk powder preparation, bottle feeding, and monitoring their health and growth for a period of three weeks.