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AP Pedal Prix: RACE 1

The AP Pedal Prix team made a ‘cracking’ start to their trike racing season at Perth Airport on Sunday May 7. The team, made up of all ‘newbies’, were a cohesive unit full of team spirit. Racers included Cody, Ethan, Jack V, Jake, Charlie and Isaac.

They successfully completed the gruelling six-hour challenge and it was wonderful to witness the amazing support they showed for each other, particularly at rider change-overs in the pits. Each rider set their own goals for the day and with experience, their performances improved throughout the race. There were a few thrills and spills but all survived unscathed.

We were well supported by our ‘cheer squad’ of families and we especially appreciate our volunteer parent Track Marshalls, Craig and Tammy. The team will now prepare for their next 6-hour race at Bunbury (Sunday, June 18 ) and Race 3 in Busselton (Sunday, August 20). And there is talk about maybe one day journeying to South Australia for Australian Human Powered Vehicle Championships, a monstrous 24-hour race.

Cody’s race reflections: “We came in ninth place out of 35 schools and I think it was impressive because we didn’t have much practice compared to the other schools. I think we could improve on this and we should practice more so that we can get better and try for the top 5. I achieved a lap time of 1.44 seconds which is fast and I also learnt that the trikes flip easily. Also, Isaac’s mum got us all Cosco pizza and it tasted delicious”.

Race 1: Jack Valle “I had great success with my riding and I loved overtaking people. WE GOT TO SEE PLANES TAKE OFF. I learned that whatever place you come you should be happy. And I can’t wait to race in Bunbury”.

Calves – Agriculture

We would love to introduce you to our two new (temporary) babies.

Meet Chief and Jersey. They are both Holstein Friesian bull calves from Shade River Dairy in Mardella. We have these little fellows for about three weeks.

They were both born in the first week of May, Chief a few days before Jersey.

Chief is the bigger slightly brown one, he is more confident than Jersey but is very lazy and enjoys sleeping in the warm afternoon sun.

Jersey is the smaller mostly black one and he is still adjusting to being so popular with our students.  He has been spending most of his day nestled in the hay.

Our babies are bottled-fed twice a day, at 8.30 in the morning and 2.30 in the afternoon.  They both drink 2L of milk each feed and they love sucking on our fingers between feeds.

Our adolescent students have fallen in love with our baby boys and are responsible for all aspects of their care.  Students are weighing out the milk powder and preparing the bottles, ensuring they have clean water and fresh pellets, doing daily health checks and growth monitoring, they are even getting dirty cleaning out muck from their pen.

If you’re passing through, they would love to meet you.


Middle School Busselton Baptist Camp Expedition

During week 2 of Term 2, the whole middle school had an expedition at Busselton Baptist camp. During the camp, we did a lot of different activities! These included but were not limited to the following: High ropes course, Dolphin Discovery Centre, Underwater Observatory and Busselton Jetty. It was so much fun!

What made Expedition memorable…

In Expedition, we did lots of activities. We also had lots of free time. One of the activities that we did was the tree tops activity. The treetops were so fun, we got to go off with our friends and go on the tree courses. We also did team building. I loved working in a team with my friends it was so fun and my team won which was really fun but I think the other team also enjoyed it. The other activities were the Dolphin Discovery and Busselton Jetty. The Dolphin Discovery was very fun and at the end of the tour we went to the beach and we got to see some dolphins which was an amazing experience. We also did the Busselton Jetty tour which was so cool we got to go on a train to the end of the jetty.  – Olive

Every day, one of the advisories would wake up earlier and make breakfast for everyone, then everyone would make their own lunches and do the activities for the day, and then a different advisory would make dinner. Overall, the whole thing was pretty good. – Liv

Organising things in our rooms; waiting for dinner; watching the sun come up; and then going to bed. I loved seeing dolphins at our campsite and fish at the Dolphin Discovery Centre. – Charlie

My favourite thing about Expedition is….

Having a campfire at the campsite and toasting marshmallows on the last night we saw two possums a mum one and a baby one on the first and last night and on the final morning we had pancakes for breakfast. – Elijah

The high ropes course was the most fun for me. Zip lining through all the trees was so much fun. Exploring the town was the second most fun for me. I’ve been to Busselton once as a baby so I was excited to explore a new town. – Elliot

Helping Minds Incursion

By Koobalong advisory

On Monday of week 4 during term 2, we had an incursion on mental health and social media. Through the incursion, we learnt about the prevalence of mental health issues among young people, particularly, how anxiety is impacting us teenagers. The incursion was super helpful in that it provided us with strategies to cope with mental health issues.

What we did…

We did lots of activities like ‘’4 Corners’’ where we had to pick a corner based on the scenario, “Icebreaker Bingo” where there were a series of questions and we had to ask people the questions and if they said yes to the question. It was very educational. – Darcey

What did I learn…

I learnt that not everything on the internet is real, there are multiple websites to help with counselling for kids. Anxiety is the most common mental health challenge in Australia and you can report any bullying to e-safety. –Elliot

I enjoyed the incursion and found the incursion enjoyable and interesting! – Oliver

I enjoyed the learning activities and found the presenter passionate about the topic of Mental Health – Jesse