Express Your Interest

The ‘Adopt a Beach’ program helps children experience, learn about and conserve our coastal and marine environments.

The children in Children’s House walked down to the foreshore for an excursion with Wayne from “Adopt-A-Beach”. Wayne talked to everyone about “evidence” that could be found on the beach –biological objects that ocean creatures might leave behind, man-made items that humans leave behind.  All these items can tell us stories about what happens on the foreshore every day. Wayne showed everyone interesting objects like cuttlefish bone and a Port Jackson shark egg case, and also rubbish that gets left behind by people.

In groups on the beach, the children used various materials that Wayne provided to make the experience interesting. He supplied big thongs, small thongs, footprint stamps, string and plastic and shells – to make a “picture” in the sand that told a story about what might have happened there. Everyone gathered around to see if they could guess each group’s story which was very tricky! It was a lovely “hands-on” experience which was full of exciting things to learn about.

Ayesha Meer- Children’s House Program Coordinator & Teacher