Express Your Interest

Last week we got our chickens back! Our chicken cage has been rebuilt for our three chickens, Diamond one of our black chickens, Coco another one of our black chickens and last but not least Ashley our only brown chicken. These chickens will stay with us for the rest of the term until the owners will take them back for the holidays. Our chickens are making RMS their home and some have had enough of the tiny cage and wants to explore the whole school. I’d like to thank Martin Ingledew and Jon White for building our new cage and helping in the reconstruction of the old coop which was built by our upper primary students and Martin. Let’s now thank the Woolworths Junior Landcare grant for providing the funds for the materials to build the coop. We would also like to thank our admin for letting us build this coop for the chickens.

Aiden & Jett – Turtles Class