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Cooking in Children’s House

When children cook in the classroom they are participating in many developmental activities. Cooking calls into play the greatest number of skills used simultaneously, more than any other activity in the classroom.

Children love the process of preparing, cooking, seeing the finished dish, and then eating something delicious. They love to be involved in the daily activities of the home. They are pleased to be able to contribute by helping in the kitchen. Not surprisingly, they are often more interested in eating the food they have prepared at mealtime.

They learn cooking skills as well as refining their fine motor and executive functioning skills, to be able to master a sequence of steps. These activities are building the child’s independence, increasing their sense of self and autonomy.

Here is a great article for further reading: https://www.berkshiremontessori.org/msb-blog/kids-and-food-prep

Preparing and serving sushi – Yum!