Express Your Interest

As the year and term are progressing, the children in Kara are bonding and forming closer friendships with each other and this is so pleasant to appreciate!  The five-year-olds have become great role models to the younger children in Kara. They have taken responsibility to help their peers by showing them how jobs are finished and packed away as a complete sequence of events. This accomplishment makes the older children feel very proud. At present, the three and four-year-olds are very interested in learning about the natural phenomena that happen on Earth. This interest stemmed from our discussions about the weather and using the weather wheel during our Peace Learning Circle sessions. The children are enthusiastic to visit more Geography materials such as the Land, Air and Water. On Wednesdays, the afternoon children have been creating Kara floral designs with Jodie, the Artist. The children learnt about colour mixing and natural dyes using vegetables such as avocados, purple cabbage and onion peel.

Sam, Kaitlyn & Simmi