Express Your Interest

The Kara children began the second term feeling rejuvenated and calm. They are eager to take on more challenging tasks in Mathematics, Culture, and Sensorial learning areas. In Sensorial, some children have experimented how to be creative with the brown stair and pink tower extension materials.

Many of the four and five-year-olds are finding the sound of the classroom bells soothing as they engage with them. When the children strike the bells, they enjoy listening to the harmonious sounds and melodious notes that each bell makes as it echoes in the room.

This term, the children have learned about chemical reactions in Science. As a whole class, we explored making an ‘erupting lemon volcano’. The children witnessed how the acid in the lemon juice reacted with the bicarbonate of soda, being a base. When an acid and a base mix, it releases a gas called carbon dioxide, in the form of bubbles.

Thank you.

Kara Class. Simmi & Sayantika