Express Your Interest

The Kara children are learning and growing together with such admiration, this term. The older children are challenging themselves with so many advanced and longer pieces of work like the Thousand Chain and the Large Moveable Alphabet.

Our existing families have welcomed newer children and their parents into our Kara class community from the start of the Semester, and this is such a warm gesture to share! The Practical Life area of the classroom is visited a lot more by all the students. They are becoming more confident with jobs such as Spooning, the Dressing Frames and Flower Arranging. Repetitive practice with Practical Life activities increases the individual child’s ability to focus longer on self-chosen work, develop self-autonomy and responsibility to learn during the work cycles. As a whole group, the children are expanding their vocabulary from a variety of news-sharing experiences.


Thank you.

Simmi, Nicola and Sayantika.