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Montessori Sports

Our Montessori Sports environment follows the Montessori principles and is set up as a prepared environment but just outdoors! Children develop skills in their physical, spiritual, emotional and cognitive development. The focus is on the development of the “whole child”. It is child-initiated and children are taught developmentally appropriate skills. Children have the freedom to choose which activity they would like to participate in. The children’s freedom is within a regulated framework which aids discipline building. There are a variety of materials to explore and play with.

The activities are non-competitive which allows children to build confidence. They participate in activities they can explore, enjoy and move freely within, and at the same time build important gross motor skills. They independently use the sports equipment, pack away when they’re finished and move on to choose other activities at other stations. Children learn to work as a team and build important socio-emotional skills.

“Movement is an essential factor in intellectual growth.” Maria Montessori, Secret of Childhood.

It is through movement that children explore the world around them and connect actions to concepts. Neuroscience recognises that movement and cognition are closely intertwined. Movement not only matters for brain development, but it is also translated into many health benefits, including a healthier heart, stronger muscles, better posture, improved confidence and self-esteem, and general physical and mental well-being. During the early years, which set the basis for a lifetime, children need to develop what is known as ‘physical literacy.’ This is the learning and mastering of fundamental movement and athletic skills, like running, jumping, balancing, skipping or throwing and catching a ball. (montessorium.com).

Ayesha Meer

Children’s House Coordinator/Seahorse Teacher