Express Your Interest

Constable Care visited the school to engage with us about calling for help and online safety. The first presentation was a puppet show called “Making the Right Call” about when to use 000 in an Emergency, when to call for Police 131 444, and when to call crime stoppers. Children’s House and Lower Primary children loved the creativity and the clear messaging. The puppeteers, Hannah and Daniel, then performed as actors for the Upper Primary. This presentation was called “Trending” and focused on the importance of online respect and consent, as well as the consequences of trolling, online abuse and sending private pictures. This presentation was interactive, with some children from Dugongs and Turtles being invited to participate in scenarios. Constable Care’s visit to the school is part of a rotating roster of incursions which augment our Keeping Safe and Personal Health and Development programs.

Jodi Kerslake – Primary Program Coordinator