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Day 3/4: Thailand Odyssey Journey

After a long, inspiring and transformative few days at the Congress, staff and students all joined together for dinner to farewell Gurmayll, Ayesha, Jodie and Kristina as they return home.

Day 4 in Bangkok and the last day of Congress.

As you can imagine there is a lot going on over here in Thailand, too much to itemise here. we are thinking of you and we’ll have plenty of travel stories to share when we return.

The students are being transformed in front of our eyes, as am I and the other staff. It is absolutely wonderful. Of course, the students are journalling each day, so I thought sharing Carmen’s entry from yesterday would give you a glimpse of things. Read on…

It was a long day at the congress. Everyone did amazing in their seminars. We had 6 sessions and breaks in between. The food has also been incredible and I’m happy that there was food I was able to eat. I went to these seminars:

Neuroscience by Cristina Garcia Jimenez, Montessori Palau GironaMontessori for ageing, changing old life too! Julia Ballesteros and Anne KellyEducation for the Future by Emma Sulovsky SwedenMoral Development and the Digital Native by Emily Dowell and Jan GaffneyThe adolescent is (still) our parent by Rogér Dijk Med at Montessori Trainer at Montessori scholebgemeenchap AmsterdamI very much enjoyed them all and learnt something from each. One thing that did stick with me was Rogér Dijk Med said about how parents will be learning from their children just like children are learning from their parents. After the congress, we went back to the hotel and went swimming for an hour. Us, 8 students connected more during this time in the pool. We are all learning from one another and enjoying everyone’s company including all teachers. Sadly half of our group will be saying goodbye tomorrow during Congress as they’re heading back to Perth. We had an amazing dinner at the rooftop restaurant at our hotel and has our meeting afterwards. We spoke about our “superpower” (strengths) and our “shadows” (weaknesses). We all began understanding each other better by opening up a little more to one another. Carmen

This day was so much fun because we got to find out where we were going for the next Congress and we listened to a lot of wonderful speeches and have a Q&A session.

My favourite part of this day was probably the ending where we got to hear the next Congress is in Mexico in 2026. It was really fun this day, and I’m really upset that Congress finished, but I’m so excited for the next Congress.

Here, we are on the way to Chiang Rai for our next adventure!.