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Day 5/6: Thailand Odyssey Journey

On the 8th of August, we had our last day at Pitisuka Middle School. We socialised with the other students before going to do some site-seeing. We first went to see the royal carriages that the King and Queen would sit on when they went to the city. Afterwards, we went to the first hospital in Chiang Rai.


We then went to a Buddhist temple and were informed about the history and significance of the buildings and statues. As well, we went to another temple higher up in the hills and rubbed the gong to see if we had a guiding spirit. Site-seeing was lots of fun and very intriguing.

We came back to the school and played games like Ninja, Uno, the Royal Game of Ur and many others. Then we said our farewells and that we can’t wait to see them in Australia. – Cohen

Carmen turns 18 on the 11th of August! So, we decided to celebrate her birthday early while we were still away with an amazing dinner at Lu Lam restaurant on the water.