Express Your Interest

The children are busy watering the pot plants (and sometimes the grass too) outdoors on these very hot and humid days. The toddler often picks up the watering can with just one hand, swings around at top speed to start watering. By then everyone nearby has soaking shoes! Show them how to hold the handle with one hand and the spout with the other, slowly and deliberately, then  proceed watering the potted plants. Picking mint leaves to add to the morning tea platter and water jug is another firm favourite. The children seem to enjoy pouring so much more with the addition of a mint leaf in the jug. Some children bring fresh flowers for arranging along to the group with them. They absolutely

love this work which focuses on pouring skills and care for the environment. Often the same child who arranged the flowers will choose to sit at the table where the flowers are throughout the morning to admire and smell them whilst working away with other work.

We would love to welcome new families into our group. Please let your friends and family know that we offer a free trial and would love to introduce them to Montessori for 0-3 Year olds.

Orla Dinneen – Infant Toddler Program Coordinator