Express Your Interest

We are in the midst of a wonderful term at the Lakelands playgroup and have welcomed new families despite the challenges brought on by Covid. The weather has been good to us and has allowed us to enjoy the outdoors as much as the indoors.  We are constantly working towards developing both spaces to meet the needs of our participants.

For the very young ones, we have a large selection of cognitive materials allowing them to develop their sense of object permanence, dimension perception, matching abilities and of course both gross and fine motor skills. Our practical life activities offer our older children the opportunity to develop good habits, concentration and a sense of accomplishment by learning to do everyday jobs independently. Sensorial activities provide opportunities to engage all the senses allowing for very important neurological brain development at this crucial stage of growth. Art activities provide opportunities to explore creativity and there are also a variety of other materials that form an introduction to math, language and culture.

It is a social environment for children and we are witnessing beautiful friendships forming between all the age groups.

We end our sessions with a short group activity for those who wish to participate and this includes some fun breathing techniques, a story or songs with actions and props, and a personal farewell to everyone.

Our Lakelands playgroup runs on Tuesdays from 9:30am to 11:30am and there are still spaces available for this term.

Hope to see you there!