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We are delighted to be back in our environment and meeting with each other face to face once again. The children have grown taller and many of our little ones are already up on their feet and almost walking. It’s such an exciting time.

Please remember to bring your own water bottle and snacks to eat outside on the bench as we continue to follow safety guidelines around food preparation and consumption in our group. Also, be mindful not to share snacks with others for the moment.

Many of our first Montessori Grace and Courtesy lessons for 0-3 year olds are around greeting by shaking hands or offering food. These lessons have temporarily ceased. Instead of handshaking we are using the traditional Indian gesture of namaskar and we have long removed all food related activities from our shelves. We are however doing more lessons on coughing and sneezing, nose wiping and of course hand washing. We look forward to the day when our strawberry slicer, orange juicer and cracker spreading activities are back on our shelves. The children miss them.

Orla Dinneen – Infant Toddler Program Coordinator