Express Your Interest

The Jellyfish class have enjoyed an eventful Term 3. We had a wonderful visit from some firefighters who spoke to the children about how to reduce the chance of fire and injuries. The children then had an opportunity to go outside and look at a firetruck. Finally, they each had a turn at using the firehose.

Later in the term, the children completed research projects on Maria Montessori and some of the main countries she lived in, including Italy, India and the Netherlands in recognition of her birthday. The children also prepared special coasters and cards for their dads for Father’s Day. We enjoyed seeing a wide range of costumes on International Literacy Day and the children got the opportunity to share what they had dressed up as and why they had chosen that book.

We have been lucky enough to have some brand new materials arrive for the classroom and the children have been excited to work with them. The new Bead Chains and Land Form Trays have been particularly popular. The Jellyfish children have actively practised the virtue of patience while waiting for a turn with the materials. It has been a wonderful term full of learning and this was evident during our open classroom when the parents received many new lessons from their children.

We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday break!

Robyn and Mark