Express Your Interest

Starfish started this term focusing on botany- the study of plants. The younger children conducted an experiment with the hypothesis that plants grow towards the sunlight. They grew mung bean plants in a dark box with a hole for light to enter. They observed how the plants grew toward the direction of the light.

The other children observed the growth of the plant from dicotyledonous seeds. They noticed how the seed cover drops off, the shoot grew upwards and the root grew downwards. They also observed the changes to the cotyledons and the parts of the roots.  Further discussion on photosynthesis led to the understanding that plants are food producers. Students created simple food chains and developed a food web. Students will be conducting more investigations on plants in the coming weeks.

Children were encouraged to participate in ‘News Sharing’ presentations. Children work on topics of interest and present their work using tools such as posters and books. This activity helps to develop children’s confidence and communication skills. It also enhances the listening and questioning skills of the children who are the audience.

Our children are grateful to have Music with Eunice. They are actively involved in activities such as listening to the rhythm and identifying musical instruments. The children have so much fun!

A group of Dugong children conducted an obstacle course for Starfish. They set up the course and explained clearly the different activities. They intervened and supported the Starfish children when necessary. The Starfish children thoroughly enjoyed the course and it is wonderful to see the Upper Primary children leading our younger children by setting a great example!

In conjunction with the Harmony Day celebration, parents have been invited to come and present their culture to Starfish. It was a fabulous experience for all our children when Sonja shared her Bosnian culture. She prepared slides to help children understand her presentation. She also brought in cultural items that children enjoyed looking at, especially the coffee set!

The highlight was the dress-up and the dance! Thanks, Sonja for the informative and delightful experience!


Starfish Teacher