Express Your Interest

There are five Great Stories created by Maria Montessori, forming the basis of our curriculum and playing a crucial role in inspiring and stimulating the imagination of our children’s learning.

This term, Starfish children had a wonderful opportunity to immerse themselves in the story of the Coming of the Universe and the Earth. This narrative not only captivates their interest but also involves demonstrations of various experiments, leading to explorations in various topics such as astronomy, chemistry, and geography. The children were particularly fascinated by experiments illustrating how volcanoes erupt, the principle of buoyancy where heavier matters sink and lighter ones float, and the formation of oceans and continents.

Moreover, this story sparked curiosity among the children, leading them to conduct their own experiments for their news presentations. They delved into experiments related to temperature, such as freezing different solids and liquids to comprehend how temperature affects their consistency. These endeavours prompted further discussions on freezing and boiling points, as well as methods of temperature recording. Additionally, the children engaged in studying maps, globes, and the patterns of day and night.

Furthermore, the class embarked on an artistic journey, exploring the works of contemporary artist Pete Cromer. They had the opportunity to observe and discuss Jodi’s collection of Pete Cromer brooches, while a former Starfish student shared her collection of Pete Cromer wildlife books, enriching the viewing experience. Inspired by Cromer’s vibrant artwork, other Starfish children contributed items such as printed cup boxes adorned with his designs. Through experimenting with the burst of colours Pete Cromer employs in his artwork, the children gained a deeper understanding and appreciation of art in their environment. Starfish continues to draw inspiration from Pete Cromer’s style in their own artwork.