Express Your Interest

Ask yourself the question – “Why did I choose a Montessori school for my child?”

Helping to answer that question, our small group had a great discussion this term based on a chapter of the book called “Maria Montessori Speaks to Parents”, a selection of articles published by Montessori-Pierson Publishing Company.

In the article “The New Method in Education”, we went back to some of the basic Montessori principles discussing independence, the use of real materials, concentration and development of the will and character.

“In Montessori schools it is the children who do these things for themselves. They are not taught by a teacher in the accepted sense of the word – the teacher is there rather as an observer and helper. She shows the child how to use the materials … but it is the child who handles the material, perfects himself in his exercise … Thus he is both active and free, and from these two factors is created that vital quality of a strong character: internal discipline.”

Make time as soon as possible to do an observation in your child’s classroom. Let your child’s teacher or Deb Dwyer know if you have questions about what you see or if you would like to know more about an aspect of Montessori philosophy. Arrange to come to the next Montessori Chat to learn more!

Deb Dwyer – Dolphins Teacher