Express Your Interest

Hi to all the new and returning ukulele and guitar students and parents.  Last Monday we started our new ukulele music program for 2021 and Upper Primary have also started guitar lessons.  What fun we had, singing and learning how to play the first chord and doing special exercises to stretch our backs, necks, arms and fingers after a few minutes of playing. Like learning all new skills, a little bit often is better than a lot all at once, so I would encourage small regular practice sessions of no longer than five minutes per day, as little fingers get very sore very quickly from the strings.

Many students told me sad tales of the Ukulele that they had that was “broken” because it was missing a string!! Often only one string needed replacing  but generally it’s the thinnest one that pings first but then all should be replaced at the same time.

Teddy at Mammoth Music in Rockingham has offered our parents a special deal if you say you are from Rockingham Montessori – a restring for a ukulele which includes both strings and labour for $50.60. He will only need the ukulele for a couple of days to get it sorted, much easier than trying to do it yourself! Likewise if your child’s guitar needs sorting out, mention the school for 10% off any parts or strings. There is no discount for labour costs.

Julie – Music Teacher