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School from home is been bad and good!

PROS (good):

Working on the computer.

Video calls.

Sitting at home.

Watching things online.

Not getting as distracted.

Choir from home.

CONS (bad):

Not seeing friends in real life.

Not getting to play with friends.

Not reading out loud to the class in real life.

Sitting next to other people.

Not getting to talk to Peter in real life.

And these are just a few I could think of!

By Riley



The photos on my wall remind me

About how much fun we had at school

Those pictures in my head on replay

When sadness amends

All the emptiness I feel

Not being at school

It’s so hard to say goodbye

But we will meet again


Where did you go?

We are learning from home

I’m still waiting for you

To let us see our friends again

Even though we were self isolating at home

It is pretty great (OP for MC players)

Video calls


We will go back

By Peter

By Abi