Express Your Interest

Term 3 has been eventful at the Lakelands Playgroup with lots of new families joining our little community. We are enjoying an increase in father’s attending our playgroup which is wonderful. The increase in sunny days is also most welcome.

With so many new families we are renewing our focus on some key characteristics of the Montessori method. One being, that we aid focus and concentration by isolating one skill at a time such as the skill of using scissors without the distraction of other materials around. Another is being able to focus on one activity at a time and aim to see it through from beginning to end which includes choosing it from the shelf, working with it and then packing it away. We slow down our movements and focus on the quality of our work rather than the quantity.

It is heart-warming to see our families interacting beautifully with their children, using positive vocabulary and practising patience.

While I am in the midst of my studies, I would like to thank Sam and Nicole for helping our Lakelands Playgroup continue as normal.

Best wishes, Carla