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There are a number of exciting events happening this term. Lower and Upper Primary classes will be participating in the Adopt a Beach program. The Adopt A Beach school program helps students experience, learn about and conserve our coastal and marine environments. Students are able to engage in a variety of hands-on experiences at their local beach and in the classroom. Environmental educators will be visiting the primary site to give children the opportunity to handle and investigate real objects that have been washed up along our coasts, with a focus on biodiversity, classification and marine pollution. Later in the term, we will go to the Rockingham foreshore to take a closer look at the biological and human-made items that have washed up on the strandline, focusing on classification and adaptions for survival.

Year 6 children are participating in the Synergy Solar Challenge. The children will be building and then racing solar-powered mini cars. They have completed experiments on how the angle of the solar panel affects voltage and the way in which shade can impact on speed. To do this, they have used multimeters, batteries, motors, wheels and gears. The solar challenge is a great way to explore parts of the science curriculum such as electric circuits, levers and the transfer of energy. It is also a way of promoting discussion around renewable energy and sustainability.