Express Your Interest

We are delighted to welcome all of our new families and to welcome back our regulars to the final term of the year.

We have plenty of new work on the shelves for your child to discover. A firm favourite this week is the slinky apple peeler. We cannot seem get enough apples to peel, core and eat on some mornings!  In a few short weeks we will add a touch of festive work to the shelves which is always very popular with both the children and parents.

There are limited places still available in our Tuesday group in Rockingham. Please call the office on 9528 2118 to book a free trial. Free trials are available also in both Bertram (Tuesday) and Lakelands (Tuesday and Friday).

Please note that you may make up any missed sessions within the term across all of our groups. Nurjana runs our Bertram group, she opens on Tuesdays at 9:15AM,  located at William Bertram Community Centre in Johnson Rd. Carla runs our Lakelands group, she opens on Tuesdays and Fridays at 9:30AM located at Lakelands Community House, 20 Dalona Pkwy.

Thank you Tina for caring for our plants during the spring holidays and thank you Amy for the kind donation of a carpet sweeper found whilst op shopping! It is doing a great job sweeping up all our rice and lentil spills.

Orla, Carla and Nurjana – Infant Toddler Program Coordinators