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It was a wonderful trip down memory lane as the leading lights in Rockingham Montessori School’s history came together with staff, students, families and The Hon Madeleine King MP, to open the new multi-purpose space at the original Rockingham Montessori School on Attwood Way.

The Hon Madeleine King MP, shared her fond memories of growing up in the area and spoke of the importance of investing in community and education before unveiling a plaque to commemorate the opening.

Many of the guests in attendance remembered the space in its previous condition. Former Principal, Dee Bosch, who had her office in the front of the building was amazed at the new open, light-filled space which still showcased the original stained glass rainbow from the days when the school was known as Rainbow School. Also on display was a collection of sculptural artworks created by students in the 90s, reframed and rehung, with plenty of space on the walls and shelving to add to the story of the students and the school.

Principal Vanessa Aikins said of the occasion: The opening of this building is another piece of history for our school and sharing this event with present and past members of the school reinforces that we were established as a family school and this is still at the core of the school. Families come first and strong families are built on strong and binding relationships.

About Rockingham Montessori School
Rockingham Montessori School, originally known as Rockingham Family School, was established in February 1985. The School started in a small house in Safety Bay. Their success brought about the planning of a new school building and, in 1988, the School moved to its current site on Attwood Way.

The school commenced the Adolescent Program in 2012, and by 2013, was registered to deliver a comprehensive Montessori education program from 3 to 18 years of age.

The school has continued to grow as families search for an alternative to mainstream education. In 2021, a second Primary school opened in Port Kennedy followed by a dedicated space for the Adolescent Program shortly after. Most recently, the school opened an authentic Montessori childcare centre in Port Kennedy – West Coast Montessori.