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What’s happening in Dugongs / Turtles

Term 2 started with a focus on personal planning.  Our students have been planning their days each morning, writing down our personal expectations and trying to follow our personal schedules.

Welcome to the class – Zoe, Carleigh, Hope and Alexsis

Art: Visual

We have had a focus on our art in class including creating collages and abstract art.

Our art activities have given the students use of elements of the colour wheel and the primary colours, showing how colours can be complementary and non-complementary. These activities support and encourage concentration and creativity.

General Class Work

Classroom work cycle – Our students are creating their own busy little work areas.  Most mornings our Dugongs / Turtles students are eagerly working in their chosen areas. We encourage students to work in all available areas like the mat area, classroom desks, on a low table and on the outside tables.  Some areas lend themselves to certain activities more readily than others. Eg. Grammar.

In Science we have been working on investigating lifecycles and students have created their own models of lifecycles of dragonflies and also spinners showing the lifecycle of frogs.


Currently students are working on finalising their reports on a particular animal’s lifecycle and this is being conducted with their research on the internet.


Our group has enjoyed working with the Tribes Program and spent last week discovering who their new tribe members were.  Jess, our amazing Education Assistant created a puzzle and each student had to, firstly find their piece with their name on it, then gather as a group to compare their pieces.  This would lead them to the correct puzzle group and this was their tribe.  Finally, they did some short group activities and then voted on their tribe names.  They were…. The Chunky Monkeys, The Floppy Fishes, Forest, Monke, and Poisonous Pandabears.


Writing – Our students did a book review and created their own interpretation of the book. Our amazing students created a wide variety of pieces to display from board games, dioramas, posters, comic book strips and books. It was so great to see their work.

Excursion – Beach combing and dune planting

This week our Rockingham students joined up with our Port Kennedy students and went to the Rockingham foreshore to learn about the coastline and how we can care and protect it for us and our future generations. They were divided into two groups and participated in activities including beachcombing for litter and nature discovery.  The second group had a lesson in planting areas of the dune to revegetate it and provide vegetation to prevent erosion. It was a great experience and there were smiles all around from the students, as they learnt about our local environments and did their part to help. We would also like to extend a big thank you out to Jocelyn who volunteered to attend the day with our Rockingham Upper Primary Class.