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Term 3 Experiences for Turtles and Dugongs

We have had many exciting experiences this term including the celebration of Maria Montessori where two students organised a pizza cooking experience (thank you Evelyn and Giovanna), a visit to see some ducklings that was organised by one of our students (thank you Kobi), a puppet show about a loyal dog Hachiko by Spare Parts Puppet Theatre, and learning about student’s favourite books during International Literacy Day.

Term 3 Project Feature

As a special feature for this term, I have been delighted to lead the creative and integrated project that focused on native plants through the use of poetry, art and research. In art, the students explored a range of techniques using watercolour paints. We visited the Rockingham Arts Centre to see the exhibition by indigenous artist Sharyn Egan with her artworks providing inspiration for the new art techniques that had been explored. We also reviewed art by a local WA artist, Helen Ansell, who specialises in artworks that feature local WA native plants and wildflowers.

In their writing, they chose a native plant and explored a young writer’s piece of work as part of the Poem Forest initiative. The poem was titled White Box Rise by Solli Raphael (https://redroompoetry.org/poets/solli-raphael/white-box-rise/). The students used the poem as a model to develop their own piece of writing using a range of techniques explored in the poem including descriptive phrases, repetition, similes, and posing “I wonder…” questions.

Students then researched their own native plants to develop a project plan for their poem and artwork piece. They collated images that included life photos and an existing artwork piece to inspire their own creation. Students are currently sketching their own artwork pieces and are getting ready to complete both their artwork and poem by the end of the term.