Express Your Interest

What a lovely start to term 2 we have had. We have well and truly settled into our classroom and the routine of walking to our playground each lunchtime. Our sea container has arrived and it is set up at the rear of our playground for the storage of all sports and play equipment. We have welcomed two new students into our room and whilst we are a busy room the children are always able to find a quiet space to work, read and draw when they prefer to be alone.

Janda’s final year students have spent a large part of Term 1 and the beginning of Term 2 working on a Geometry design and build project. They planned to build a house, using simple 3D geometric shapes that they had to construct from nets. They all drew accurate plans and made sure to include all their measurements and labels. There was a wide variety of designs and complexity demonstrated and all have been admired by the younger students, many of whom had a go at making their own.

“It was really fun designing my house because you get to problem solve any mistakes and build it how you think it will work.” Caitlin.

“I really enjoyed designing and making my house because firstly I go to sketch my design and then I got to make shapes out of paper and stick them together. My favourite part of making it was making the roof because I made a rectangular-based pyramid net which was very interesting because I had never done it before.” Abi. L.