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Turtles welcomes Amanda to our Class

We are delighted to share that we have welcomed Amanda Oldridge to our class as the new Turtles EA. She is a Montessori Mum and shares the values of our philosophy. She brings her kindness, caring and compassionate energy to our classroom. We are so lucky to have you in our class Amanda!

Winter Gardens

As part of our science program on Botany this term, we are creating a winter veggie garden. Alexis has led this project which began in Term 4 last year. The school received a grant and Alexis did the research and organised the purchasing of seeds and gardening equipment. Amanda has a love for gardening and has been working with the class to prepare the garden bed, and we have recently planted some seasonal veggies including carrots, garlic and parsley with more to come. We will look forward to a winter feast later in the year.

We have also incorporated some Noongar bush tucker plants into our classroom plant theme with Samphire saltbush (Tecticornia lepidosperma), Bush Mint (Mentha satureioides), Bush Cherry (Syzygium australe) that are displayed in indigenous designed pots, which are plants that are suitable for growing indoors. We are still finding the best place to help them grow and flourish and learning the best conditions needed for indoor bush tucker plants.


Mothers Day Arts

We are having a very messy, hands-on and fun time exploring pottery design as part of our arts program. We are using air-dry clay to create a bowl and we are currently finishing off the design with paint and decorations. These will be lovely treasures to share with our Mums. The students have expressed interest to continue the pottery arts experience so we will begin working on miniature statues later in the term.