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Upper Primary School Camp

Dugongs, Turtles and Janda classes all joined together for three days of amazing fun and enjoyment at camp. Students arrived at school and then travelled together on the bus to Point Walter via Bluegum Montessori School – Bibra Lake.

At Bluegum, students participated in several getting-to-know-you activities like ball sports and class drawing and games.  We extend a “Thank you” to the Bluegum Upper Primary students who welcomed us.

We reboarded the bus and headed to Point Walter where the students had their lunch.  This was very exciting as this was the moment they found out their day groups and their cabins.

The students participated in activities including:

1. Team building

2. Ultimate sports

3. High ropes

4. Zip lining

5. Kite making

6. Orienteering

7. Catapult making

8. Archery