Express Your Interest

We have had many more new families join us over the past weeks, a warm welcome to you all. The children are currently enjoying different types of water based work from washing dishes, to mopping, pouring, squeezing out sponges and transferring water between bowls and jugs. We encourage all of our children to pour their own glass or jug of water from a water canister with a tap. Take your time and show him very slowly and deliberately each step of how to pour from the tap. There is a basin underneath in case of overfilling and a mop at hand to clean up any spills. It may take up to 5 minutes or more for him to sit and drink that tiny glass of water, after spills and mopping, and that is perfectly fine. We encourage you to slow down all processes here and take the pace of your child. There is no rush, no deadlines.  It is in learning to do these activities that he sees going on around him everyday where he learns to use his body and mind for a purpose, to plan, to concentrate, to control his actions and to finish what he started.

Orla Dineen – Playgroup Coordinator