Express Your Interest

Please come along and join us for the opening of the Multi-Purpose space at the Rockingham campus on 19 June at 2pm followed by a shared afternoon tea with a tour of the venue.  At this historical School event, we will hear from the first school treasurer and the first teacher sharing the journey of the commencement of the school on both the Safety Bay and Rockingham sites.  We will then hear from three of our Year 12 graduates about their time through the school from Infant Toddlers to Senior School and also our School Chair Kristina Lemson, will share a vision of the future for the School.

We are very excited to have now confirmed Keira’s dates of 28 Oct to 30 Nov for her student exchange in France. Keira will be staying with two families from the Uzes School where she will be teaching English and Dance to the children from the school. This is such an exciting opportunity and Keira is now brushing up on her Montessori Children’s House lessons that she had when she was 3-6 years of age. She will be able to share these lessons with the French children in English.

The Middle School students have returned last week from their expedition at Nanga Bush Camp where they enjoyed plenty of wet weather and the nice warm fires after all their exciting activities throughout the week.  Our older students in the Dugongs and Turtles class also enjoyed an excursion to the WA Museum Boola Bardip where they planned the entire going out activity complete with train travel.  Congratulations on initiating and ensuring success for all your classmates and Jodi K with this activity.  Our Lower Primary children at Rockingham have enjoyed their first tennis lesson at the Rockingham Tennis Club this week.  All three campuses enjoyed participating in the Walk to School Day last week and we were so fortunate with the dry weather on the morning.  Thank you to our amazing admin team for organising the breakfast for this event.

Our Upper Primary children have enjoyed Master Classes with the Adolescent Program teachers over the past few weeks with Andrew doing a lesson in Rocket Science and Tony teaching the students to make wooden trucks in Factory.  We will be offering tours through the Adolescent Program next term for families from the school where you will be able to see and hear all of the exciting things that occur on a daily basis.

A huge thank you to our teaching staff for preparing the students reports and I hope you enjoy your time meeting with your child’s teacher/advisor over the next two weeks to hear all about your child’s progress this semester.