Express Your Interest

First, Lower Primary got dropped off at 8.30 in the morning. Then we took our bags to the dorms. After that, we met our camp teachers. My group’s first teacher was a woman named Brook.

Our first activity was archery. It was hard but, once I got used to it, it was kind of fun. After archery we had morning tea. There were mandarins, bananas and cookies.

After morning tea, we did beach games and then we had lunch. We had wraps for lunch. They were delicious!

After lunch we played Gladiator. We had to balance on logs with someone else and use a pool noodle to hit their legs and make them fall off the log.

After that we did the low ropes course. It was really fun. We had free time and then played volleyball and then had dinner.

After dinner we went to our dorms and got ready for bed and went to sleep.

On Friday morning we had cereal and toast for breakfast then got into our groups again. Some groups did rock climbing and some groups did crate activities. After the activities, we had hotdogs for lunch. We then had free time and played volleyball before afternoon tea. Then everyone got together and did orienteering then we went home.

Camp was one of the best experiences I’ve had at school.

By Serena (Sea Lions Class)