Express Your Interest

RMS was fortunate to have a visit from Senator Fatima Payman this term. She participated in a live Q&A with a panel of elected AP students, chaired by Senior Student Keira. Keira has had the opportunity to visit Senator Payman’s offices on the holidays and she also had her letter read out in parliament in 2022. Students had the opportunity to ask many questions ranging from general politics, feminism, multiculturalism, and how to keep mentally healthy in a stressful role. Students then hosted a morning tea and were able to speak to her further in a smaller, informal setting. Experiencing subjects like Humanities in the real world, and speaking to real people is just a small part of what Montessori is about.

Senator Fatima Payman, one of Western Australia’s Senators in our Federal Parliament, spent the morning of last Wednesday with us at our AP, answering our questions about politics, motivation and life. We held a Q&A panel with the whole of the Adolescent Program, run by Keira, and questions from the student representatives Percy, Isla, Brody and Luca.

“Senator Fatima Payman inspired us with her words and everyone was excited and eager to talk to her, both as a politician and as a person. After the Q&A panel, we enjoyed a morning tea and continued discussions and spoke with her about Montessori and our values. It was so lovely to share such a great conversation with such a great person. All of us left inspired by her ambition, achievements, and kindness.”

– Percy and Keira