Express Your Interest

Shae O’Meara

Perth Museum holds a variety of historical artefacts. In this report, I’ll talk about the ones I found most interesting, their history, and my thoughts on them.

Image 1, “Say No To Roe 8”.

I found this piece the most outstanding of them all. At first, a couple of friends and I believed it was something to do with a protest against rape/sexual assault/harassment due to the misunderstanding of the message on top of the way it was being portrayed.

Two older men overheard our conversation trying to understand it and came over to ask us about it. They told us it was to protest against an extended highway.

The proper definition of Roe 8 is said to be “a five-kilometre (3.1 miles) extension to Roe Highway, from the Kwinana Freeway to Stock Road, cutting through a portion of the Beeliar Wetlands”.

The elderly men, being very respectful with their questions and statements, had a very informative conversation with my friends and I about what we thought of the piece as the current generation, they even mentioned us being their future, which in a sense is true.

We all concluded we couldn’t see a correlation in the piece. What was the point of putting the message on a woman’s bra?

Maybe it was to catch people’s eye or to make people think. Overall, a highway extension and a bra don’t have a correlation.

However, there is a possibility that it could have been worn in a possible protest against the extension and that specific piece of clothing was chosen to go to the Perth Museum.

Image 2 “People for Nuclear Disarmament”.

The next and final piece I’d like to talk about in the report is the “PND” (People for Nuclear Disarmament”

I find the piece quite important to have as well as the movement itself being very powerful.

Looking at nuclear power stations, which is similar to the cause PND is fighting against and something Australia may possibly be investing in. I really think this piece is powerful against getting them.

Nuclear power stations are extremely harmful as they create a long-term and prohibitively expensive legacy of site remediation, fuel processing and radioactive waste storage. They are also water-hungry, requiring massive quantities of water for ongoing operations. It’ll only add to global warming, which I’m sure the government is trying to do the opposite of.

Some background information on PND:

“People For Nuclear Disarmament (P.N.D) are a group of people devoted to Nuclear Disarmament. We have been active since 1960 and are based in Sydney, Australia, and have affiliates around the world.

PND’s objective is to inspire and mobilise public opinion in support of disarmament and peace, social justice, and preservation of the environment, with the ultimate aim of complete and general world disarmament with the necessary safeguards assured by agreed forms of international supervision.”

New Student Wellbeing Advisor: Welcome Liz

Rockingham Montessori School recently welcomed Liz Nedela-Campbell as its School Wellbeing Advisor. Liz is a qualified Counsellor who recently completed her Master of Counselling at Edith Cowan University. Liz is here to support the mental health and emotional wellbeing of our students through a variety of workshops, individual counselling and wellbeing education.

Liz is currently based at the Adolescent Program Monday and Tuesday where she is running a series of workshops on Positive Self Talk, Mindfulness, Managing Stress and Social Media Wellbeing. Liz is also available for confidential individual sessions with students who may be struggling with their mental health and wellbeing. For students seeking support, Liz can be found in the AP Boardroom.