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Barna Marlak Odyssey to Rottnest – AP

This term we set out on our first Odyssey to Rottnest Island. We met Andrew at the train station. After waiting for everyone to arrive, we caught the train to Rockingham and then the bus to Fremantle. We walked to the ferry and put our things on the crates that were lifted onto the back of the ferry. We set sail at 9:30am and arrived at Rottnest Island at 10am. After getting our bikes, we set off to the Basin where everyone swam around but me. I walked around on the rocks and caught two little fish which Arlo, Mia and Alexia gave names. I ended up falling in and got my shoes wet.

In the afternoon, we went and set up our beds in the dorms. In our dorm, we found a spider we named Bob Junior who was living in the front room until Ryley and I grabbed Bob and went to present him to the girls who were not very impressed. Bob returned to his spot in our dorm but went missing on the final day.

We had barbeque sausages for dinner and many quokkas came hoping to be fed. We did lots of bike riding, swimming and snorkelling and I went to the shops a lot. We went on a crabbing adventure one night where Ryley was collecting crabs and putting them in a bucket that he bought from the store along with some other fishing gear. After catching them, he dumped them back into the water.

On our last night, we had the best dinner of nachos. The guacamole was delicious. Packing up on the last day was a little chaotic because we had to have the crates packed by 8am and leave the cottages cleaned by 9am. We spent the final morning at a gaming arcade where we played mini golf, air hockey, basketball and driving games. We then rode around and chilled on the foreshore before heading to the beach where we were invited to take part in a smoking ceremony. The journey home was long and tiring. We got back so late but overall it was a great trip and we would like to go back.

Ryley, Merrick and Daniel.