Express Your Interest

Last Wednesday, the Noorn advisory went to harvest honey at the Karnup site. Everyone got a turn to wear a bee suit, which was very puffy and everyone looked like astronauts. We bought the suits last year with the profit made from the honey sold from the last harvest. It is very important that the suit covers all of your skin so you don’t get stung by the bees.

We all saw the hive, the honey and all the bees. Ben showed us how the bees make the honey and pointed out the pollen and the baby bees. We did not get time to harvest the honey on Wednesday, so on Friday, Ben came in and showed us how to scrape the wax off the honeycomb and then let us do it. We put all the honey in a really big spinning pot and honey came out the bottom. Next, we put all the honey in a strainer so all the honeycomb stayed at the top and the honey filtered to the bottom. Finally, we filled lots and lots of jars with the honey that had been strained.

You can buy our natural, unprocessed honey $10 a jar from the Primary School and Adolescent Program reception.

Lucinda Geis – Adolescent Program Student