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Many delightful celebrations take place throughout the world. One of the riches of Montessori education is the universal respect of people of different backgrounds, cultures and countries. In our classes, we honour the many beautiful and wondrous ways that people celebrate their individuality and diversity. We love celebrating Culture! Exploring and discovering different cultures allows us to better connect with our peers and grow a deeper appreciation for the world around us.

In Children’s House, the children had the privilege of learning about the celebration of Diwali, the festival of light. We read a story about the Diwali celebration and the children learnt about Diya’s, which is a lantern that is lit for Diwali. The children were excited to learn about a “Sari” and were amazed about the length of it. It is as long as six lengths of the longest Red Rod!  They enjoyed making paper tea lights and learnt a song. They also drew rangoli patterns with chalk outside the classroom. It has been beautiful to see ways our children light up when they learn about diversity.

We would like to wish our families, staff and children who celebrate Diwali, a “Happy Diwali”.

“The Montessori approach to celebrating special days is a gift to children as it expands their minds, their hearts, and their worlds.” Alex Chiu.

Ayesha Meer

Children’s House Coordinator