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Every day is “Fun Day” out in the playground! Children learn different gross motor skills while playing and using a variety of the equipment available during playtime. Young children need regular physical activity and they need to move in order to learn. Children challenge themselves by climbing on the frames and trees. They practice balancing, ball skills, skipping, running, jumping and learn to use the imagination, experience and exploration skills.  Montessori outdoor environments are prepared to allow children freedom of movement while, at the same time, activities are designed to enable children to develop control of their physical movement. It is through game playing, that is, through the give and take of negotiating plans, settling disagreements, making and enforcing rules, and keeping and making promises that children come to understand the social rules which make cooperation possible. Play helps children learn interpersonal skills which are needed to become effective social beings.

Ayesha Meer – Children’s House Program Coordinator