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Music in a Montessori Classroom

Music is a universal language, loved by children and adults in cultures throughout the world. Children have an uninhibited inclination to move, dance, and make music, as well as an innate capacity to appreciate all types of music. Musical activities are included in the daily life of the Montessori classroom and respected as much as other curriculum subjects.

We integrate music into everyday activities through song, movement, instruments, music appreciation, the Montessori Bells and Walking on the Line to music. Music is fundamental in early childhood education, helping children to develop in various ways, including problem-solving and logic skills. Language acquisition is enhanced as children learn songs with varied vocabulary, meter and rhyme. Cultural lessons are enriched with songs about continents, planets, respect for Earth and much more.

Music gives children opportunities to perfect their movements and refine coordination. Music and movement provide children with ways to express their own unique spirits. Children explore percussion instruments such as shakers, drums and tambourines. The children enjoyed learning the names of the different musical instruments in the classroom.

Ayesha Meer

Seahorse Class teacher