Express Your Interest

From Isla

It’s day one in Bangkok – Thailand and I’ve already learnt so much about the Bangkok culture, but the biggest thing I learnt today is that the shopping centres in Bangkok are humongous!. The shopping centre we went to was around 10 stories, tall. It was the biggest shopping centre I’ve ever seen and the coolest one. My favourite bit about the shopping centre is that it had so many shops that you can’t run out of options!.

From William 

Today is day one of Bangkok in Thailand and I have already learnt so many things and tried so many good foods. One of the main things I noticed is that Thailand drivers all look like they have places to be and things to do. They all drive very fast but all still manage not to crash and work together to get where they need to be. Compared to Australia, you would be pulled over for a lot of the stuff they do, if someone just pushes in front of someone else they just honk at them and move on. From the passenger’s perspective, it all looks like it works very well as going faster means they get places faster. No one has crashed (that I’ve seen yet) and everyone’s cautious of each other (definitely not enough though). It does definitely have a much higher risk of a crash compared to driving normally in Australia. so far, I have really enjoyed Bangkok and can’t wait to learn and do more things!.

From Olive

This is my first day in Bangkok and I’ve already learnt so many cool-new interesting things. I have learned about the statute Khmer God Rashmi (the God of Performing ming Arts and Creativity) and how you pray and give it gifts. It had two pink bottles next to it which were filled with a drink of some sort. I thought it was very interesting that they would give the drinks to the statue as I thought it is a bit strange. There are so many interesting things that I have seen in Thailand so far and I am really excited to explore and see new things.