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Student Reflections from Day 2 IMC ODYSSEY JOURNEY
Yesterday our students spoke at the International Montessori Congress!
Listen to what the students had to say about listening to their peer’s speeches:
Yesterday, when the Seniors presented their speeches I thought it was really beautiful and they sent a good message to the rest of the world about our school and what Montessori means to them.
It had all of the teachers crying as they were so proud of them. Zoe
The speeches were an inspiration and moved a lot of people. I feel privileged to have been able to share my point of view with the amazing people in attendance. Lilee
I am so proud of the four of us for having the courage to speak about the education of today. After hearing feedback and receiving thank yous from the guests in attendance, I truly believe that our words and presence impacted many people. It was an honour to present, and we hope to be in attendance at a future Congress. Amelia
I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the senior student’s speeches. They put a lot of effort into their speeches which was reflected by people’s reactions. I think they did an amazing job and had a great message. William
All the speeches were amazing and I think they are so brave standing in front of all of the room. Olive
The Senior speeches were emotional, beautiful and educational. Their topic was kids having a voice and Montessori education which they explained extremely well. I felt that in their speeches, they all had something very unique and interesting to say. Isla