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Montessori education respects the child and honours their developing independence as decision makers. But it also acknowledges that independence involves learning how to make decisions within a particular context. This is why Practical Life is such an important part of the Montessori curriculum. Learning how to dress oneself and learning to choose the appropriate clothing for a situation is an on-going moment of empowerment for the child. What is appropriate in one situation is not necessarily appropriate in the next. For example, it is appropriate to wear a wide brimmed hat and closed-in shoes at school to promote safe play in the yard. Pyjamas, onesies or fancy-dress outfits are appropriate for sleeping and parties, but not for school as these prevent safe play by being distracting.

Please support your child’s development by guiding their clothing choices towards activity-appropriate clothing. At school, activity-appropriate clothing is the kind that promotes free movement, allows a child to be safe, is weather-wise, and does not distract from the work they have to do.

For more information about this, read https://www.montessorichild.com.au/blogs/news/18532740-dress-for-success-clothing-tips-for-young-children