Express Your Interest

Welcome back to term 3. We are delighted to have our usual Montessori Practical Life exercises back on the shelves for our children to work with. The children are enjoying the return of the cracker spreading work, orange juicing and strawberry slicing. They are also enjoying sitting at the morning tea table having a chat and sharing fruit. Our shelves are full with new and engaging work for your child to discover during the course of the term. Look out for our toddler dressing frames, made especially for the littlest of hands. The mystery bag, can you guess what is inside by using your hands to feel the everyday objects inside? The window washing bucket, an all time favourite, squeezing the trigger on that bottle can occupy some children for a very long time. All of these exercises contribute to control of movement, concentration, independence, development of language and self esteem.

We are delighted to have Children’s House Prep back onsite running Thursday and Friday mornings. We will hear in more detail from this group in the next edition of our newsletter.

Our Adolescent Program located at the Murdoch University Campus on Dixon Road, Rockingham, will open their doors to visitors on Saturday morning August 22 at 10:00 am. This is a special information session run by Vanessa along with past and present adolescents of the program. Presentations will be given by these inspiring young adults, please mark your calendars now and don’t miss this exciting insight into Montessori adolescent education.

Limited places are still available in our Infant Toddler Program for this term. Perhaps you have a friend who may benefit from our program. Please bring them along at your next visit for a free trial.

Orla and Penny – Infant Toddler/Children’s House Prep Program Coordinators