Express Your Interest

We are still enjoying the beautiful winter weather allowing us to extend our environment outdoors.The children are enjoying washing, rinsing and drying their dishes outside after they finish juicing, cracker spreading and eating morning tea. It is important to allow them time to go through this process which they thoroughly enjoy (mostly) at this age. Slowing down is something that we adults need to relearn, or at least be aware that our children will benefit from, when we allow them plenty of time to go through the motions of any of the work offered in our group. Following this through at home would be wonderful too.

A very special thank you to Penny who ran our group beautifully whilst I was away.

I had the opportunity to be in an Infant toddler environment in Ireland recently in the company of my nephew. It really rang home that any Montessori child worldwide can feel at home immediately in any Montessori environment. We juiced and painted, prepared snack and swept floors, just like in Rockingham Montessori! Last week we had a visiting family here from a Montessori school in Europe who spent an hour enjoying our environment. Again, those children fitted in immediately, as if they had always been here.

We still have some places available in our group. Please bring along a friend at your next visit for a free trial.

Orla Dinneen – Infant Toddler Program Coordinator