Express Your Interest

What a cold and windy term we are having. The children are delighted to go out into the rain with umbrellas and gum boots, some have spotted and picked from the bountiful harvest of black olives on the trees outside before the birds got to them. They enjoyed counting the olives, picking out the rotten ones and dividing them up into containers to transport home.

We are mainly indoors this term so there is plenty of work on the shelves for all ages to discover. The art shelf has painting work that is very popular. Many parents tell me that setting up painting at home just becomes too hard to manage. They only paint when here! It’s a pity as it really is a great little tool for shared joy and memories. You do not need to be a painter! Simple paint-by-numbers kits (for adults) are widely available and very relaxing. Buy a small extra blank canvas and share your paint (the kits have lots of extra paint) with your child. Take time to prepare your shared work area with old newspaper fastened with masking tape, and have plenty of wet sponges and a water jar all ready to go. If you are very serious about an excellent outcome for your own canvas then buy two, one for you to do now (most probably with a few extra dabs here and there) and one for you to do when your child turns 6!

Have a lovely mid-year break, stay warm and well and we look forward to seeing you all again next term.

Our Lakelands group runs on Tuesdays and Fridays from 9:30AM – 11:30AM and is located at Lakelands Community House, 20 Dalona Pkwy, Lakelands

Our Rockingham group runs from Monday – Wednesday from 9:15AM – 11:15AM and is located at Ar Rukun Mosque, 4 Attwood Way, Rockingham

We have limited availability on all days. Call 9528 2118 to book a free trial. Parents, please feel free to bring along a friend for a free trial. We would love to introduce them to Montessori for the very young.

Carla, Claudia and Orla