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Welcome back to all our Montessori families for an exciting Term 2 at playgroup. As usual, our Rockingham playgroup runs on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and our Lakelands group runs on Tuesdays and Fridays. Both centres are available to everyone enrolled in our under-three program and should you miss a session at your regular site, you are welcome to make it up at the other, according to availability.

Attending our Montessori playgroup offers your child the valuable opportunity to ease into school life. With you present, your child may explore the environment and the concept of working alongside others with emotional security while building confidence. The playgroup exposes them to a classroom setting with activities and materials similar to our Children’s House program. This aids their transition to the new Children’s House environment, through familiarity with routines. In addition, at playgroup, they are introduced to the concept of an organised environment, the general sequence of work, making independent choices and seeing their work through from beginning to end. They have the opportunity to develop essential gross and fine motor skills and develop productive work habits. The Montessori environment centres around independence and we plant the seeds at playgroup while our Children’s House program nurtures this important aspect of childhood development


For our parents, the playgroup offers an opportunity to learn more about the philosophy and the benefits of a Montessori education. The activities and materials at the playgroup allow parents to see what children of this age group are capable of and just how independent they may be when given adequate opportunity. Parents learn ways to support their children’s independence and school readiness at home.

The wonderful friendships formed between both children and parents at our playgroups ensure families extend their network of like-minded connections.

Both Lakelands and Rockingham playgroups still have some availability for new families and we would like to encourage our existing families to invite friends and relatives for a free session to share in the experience.

Kind Regards,

Carla and Orla