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Welcome back after a very long summer break. We are delighted to have so many new families joining us this term. Our Pinjarra based Infant Toddler Program started this term with Natalie. It runs twice a week, Monday and Thursday at the Community Gardens, 362 Pinjarra – Williams Rd, Pinjarra from 9:30AM – 11:30AM. Set in the beautiful town of Pinjarra this is a group that enjoys a large nature based play area outside with the indoor area surrounded by a breezy verandah, optimal for all weather outdoor activities.

Here in Rockingham we are delighted with our new and improved outdoor equipment assortment to help develop gross motor in the very young. The Pikler Triangle set can be used for children as young as 6 months and is essentially an all in one sensory and motor development piece from 0-5 years. Although typically associated with Montessori, the Pikler was developed by Dr. Emmi Pikler a Hungarian Paediatrician, over 100 years ago. It stands only a meter from the ground and babies as young as 6 months can pull to stand using the rungs, older children can climb over to the other side at their own pace. We already watched a 1 year old climb almost to the top yesterday, no  parent help required! We also have added a mud kitchen, balance boards, balance bikes and water play to our outdoor area. It is important that you bring along a wide brimmed hat, long sleeves and sunscreen for both you and your child to enjoy all of our outdoor activities.

Indoors the shelves have plenty of new work to choose from. Look out for the rainmaker, sound boxes, wooden counting boards, heavy vehicle jigsaws and much more for your child to discover. We will return to food based practical life as soon as we are allowed to. Oranges for juicing, bananas, melon and apples for chopping, grapes on the vine for picking and strawberries for slicing are welcome. Our children are always delighted to help prepare morning tea for each other. It’s important work.

Orla and Natalie