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Starfish children love Mother’s Day!

They wanted to bake cookies for their mum and they did with Lizeth! The cookies looked yummy with the pink icing! They also created a beautiful fingerprint card for their lovely mothers.

Emma, our Parent Liaison, helped to carry out some gardening activities. The children planted veggies such as lettuce, beetroots, peas and some native plants as well.

When the Upper Primary children were away on school camp, Starfish children took turns to clean the cage, feed the chickens and ensured they are safely locked in the cage for the night time. The children enjoyed taking care of the chickens.

Starfish was grateful for the presence of our preservice teacher, Kerrie. She conducted various fun lessons with the children under my supervision. She made a wonderful addition to our Starfish classroom.

We also had Jamie, who conducted soccer lessons. The children had fun participating in various team games and enhanced their fitness.

The incursion with Spare Parts Puppet Theatre was awesome! The message to care for the environment was strongly conveyed.

Vanita Sutherman

Starfish Teacher