Express Your Interest

Next term sees a large number of children getting ready for the transition into Children’s House early next year. It’s an exciting time and a great opportunity to take a few more physical steps away from your child during our session, allowing them to make their own choices whilst giving them the space and time for independence. Observation is a very well-practised Montessori tool to better help understand children and get to know them better. Just observe them and see them as they are, not whom you want them to be, they will show us what they want to learn and we can then see how to support that learning. Trust them a little, even if your fingers are twitching to intervene, they may very well surprise you. Of course, intervention is always required around dangerous situations, but the worst-case scenario in our groups is probably when a 5kg rice bucket accidentally gets tipped out all over the floor and we saw exactly this happen this week. We all observed at least two children immediately spring into spontaneous action and help the child to contain the mess by sweeping and spooning it with vigour into the bin.

Trust them a little and they may continue to surprise you!

Our program will return for the final term of the year from Monday 10th October. Have a safe and restful holiday break. We look forward to seeing you all soon.

Carla and Orla